Enhancing SEO dominance through Site vs. Site Analysis

The analysis revealed that while the agency's website excelled in content quality and user engagement, its competitor had a more diverse backlink profile and slightly faster loading times.

Strategy and Implementation

Following these insights, the marketing agency devised a strategic plan based on the analysis. The plan included:

Backlink Diversification

Recognizing the importance of a varied backlink portfolio, the agency embarked on an outreach campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable sources.

Page Speed Optimization

Leveraging insights from the analysis, the agency collaborated with their web development team to fine-tune their website's performance, enhancing loading speed and overall user experience.

Keyword Targeting

The analysis underscored keyword gaps where the competitor had an edge. The agency revamped its content strategy to target these keywords strategically, aiming for higher search rankings.


After implementing the recommended improvements, the agency witnessed impressive results:

Enhanced Backlink Profile

The backlink diversification efforts led to a diverse range of high-quality backlinks from industry influencers and relevant sources.

Improved User Experience

The website's loading speed optimizations significantly decreased bounce rates and increased user engagement, resulting in longer visit durations.

Search Ranking Surge

The targeted keyword optimization drove the agency's website to rank higher for competitive keywords. This resulted in increased organic traffic and brand exposure.


High-Quality Links


Time on Site


Bounce Rate


Organic Traffic


in Top 10 Keyword Rankings

SERP Performance After Implementation

The marketing agency's strategic use of Percofect's Site vs. Site Analysis empowered them to elevate their SEO strategy. By identifying areas of improvement and capitalising on competitive insights, they achieved higher rankings, increased organic traffic, and solidified their position as an industry leader. This case study underscores the significance of data-driven decision-making and the transformative impact of tailored SEO optimizations.

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In just six months after implementing the improvements derived from the Site vs. Site Analysis:

Keyword Ranking Improvement

The agency achieved a 35% increase in the top 10 keyword rankings across various search engines.

Organic Traffic Growth

Organic traffic surged by 43%, attributed to improved search visibility and higher rankings for target keywords.

Keyword Targeting

The agency successfully secured a stronger foothold in the market, outperforming competitors in key areas.